Well, first of all, I want to say to all my fans and followers, I’m sorry I’ve been SO lax in keeping a blog over the last couple of months.  My internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection was a lot more demanding and time-consuming than I anticipated.

My internship ended at the end of June and I am now back with the rest of my family.  I plan to do some catch-up and write a reflection blog about my time at the PGC very soon.  In a brief, minute nutshell – it was an amazing experience!

“So what’s next?” – a question I get almost daily from friends, family, and visitors of the PGC.

It’s a GREAT question that has a very exciting answer!

The DHAM CLAN, my parents and siblings, have packed up and will be moving to the UK for one year starting in the Fall, and I will be joining them!!! My dad will be doing a year-long temporary assignment at the SAS location in Marlow, England.

IMG_4068 copy

The family has had a crazy, chaotic last couple of months packing up and finalizing things to get ready for this new adventure!

Long before making the final decision to move to the UK for a year, my family had planned on visiting me in Venice and also visiting Paris and London while abroad.

Since deciding on the move, they’ve just added on to this original plan – extending it until my dad can start work in August.  (The way his work visa is set up, he can’t legally start work in the UK until August 1).


The family has a whirlwind agenda for the months of June and July.  They arrived in Europe a couple of weeks ago to begin this adventure! Again, I will do some catch-up and posts about their time here so far…

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 1.45.15 PM

The full DHAM CLAN plan :

June 15 – June 23 : Venice (with my Grammy and Aunt Jane)

June 23 – June 29 : Paris (I got to tag along for most of this trip!)

June 29 – July 1 : London

July 1 – July 6 : Marlow, UK (for dad to get orientated at work and for the family to find a house to live in for the year)

July 6 – 8 : Milan, Italy

July 8 – 22 : Florence, Italy

July 22 – 25 : Pompeii, Italy

July 25 – 30 : Rome, Italy

June 30 : Marlow, England (Dad starts work on August 1).




It’s a lot and it’s so so so SOOO exciting.

I will try my very best to be better about keeping Lizzy Lately up to date. Much is yet to come!


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