I’ve told you all about Peggy (see the post here), now let me tell you a little bit about what I’ll be doing for the next three months.

There are 10 new interns that started at the same time as me. Some will be interning for one month, some for two; I am the only one staying for three months.  Our training/unofficial first day was Saturday, March 31st.  We all met at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and were trained by two intern coordinators, that we call “cappis.”  We got a brief history of Peggy’s life and a tour of the space from the new director of PGC, Karole Vail.  She is actually Peggy Guggenheim’s granddaughter.  After the tour, we went to the on-site library and got a more in-depth explanation of our roles as interns and what we’d be doing day to day.


The structure of each day is typically this:

Arrive at the PGC by 9:20am.  Receive opening positions for the day.  At 9:30, go into the space to perform opening duties.  Opening duties include cleaning debris off sculptures in the garden, cleaning all the windows, dusting sculptures inside, etc, etc; essentially making sure the galleries are prepared for visitors. Receive a schedule for the day and positions for the day.  Each day, we are assigned different jobs to do.  Those jobs can be working in the ticket office, selling audio guides, checking coats and bags, tearing tickets, working in the gift shop or guarding in the galleries.  The collection is always closed on Tuesdays.  In addition, we are assigned two days off per week for that month.


Here’s what my first week looked like :
Saturday, March 31st

  • training day

Sunday, April 1st

  • First official day!
  • Guarded in the visiting exhibition space

Monday, April 2nd 

  • Day off

Tuesday, April 3rd 

  • Day off

Wednesday, April 4th 

  • Intern welcome breakfast with all the old and new interns, along with all the staff
  • Gave breaks to people guarding in the main palazzo
  • Checked coats and bags
  • Tore tickets at the entrance of the gallery
  • The “old interns” (interns that have been there over a month), gave the new interns a detailed tour of the space
  • Intern Dinner

Thursday, April 5th 

  • Sold audio guides (alllllll day)

Friday, April 6th 

  • Day off

Saturday, April 7th 

  • Guarded in the visiting exhibition space

Sunday, April 8th 

  • Guarded in the main palazzo
  • Worked in the gift shop
  • Helped out with “Kid’s Day.” Every Sunday, the PGC has a “Kid’s Day” where parents can drop off their kids and they receive an art history lesson and get to do a craft.


4d5f7237-c31b-4c9a-84ed-dbd08b23637149f360dd-017b-4324-b4a4-15ab7321654b50df1dd1-00ba-4bef-8fc4-daf1eec17afb260a3f12-d0d3-47c5-a404-bb7065d44f1afe7673c7-0d14-41fc-9c15-f96ecce93ee6(photos from the “old interns” tour)


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