Amalfi Coast (pt 1/2)

July 16 (Saturday)

Around 9, we loaded everything into our van and said goodbye to our beautiful Tuscan countryside home.

In total, the journey from Cortona to Sorrento took about 6 hours.  We stopped halfway for a lunch break.


Once we made it to Sorrento, it was pretty tricky navigating the streets in and around town.  The streets were very narrow and there were tons of motorcycles weaving in and out of the already tight traffic.  Even trickier was figuring out how to get to our apartment, which was a little outside of town.  After several wrong turns and one way streets, we found the apartment.  We met the owner and walked up the long, steep driveway-we had to keep our car parked at the bottom of the driveway because it was too narrow to drive up.  The owner drove his little three wheeled vehicle up and down the driveway to bring our luggage up.  Peter got to ride up the driveway with the owner on his vespa.


Once we got our luggage, we got settled and unpacked.  Emma, Gracie and my parents went to get groceries while Peter and I stayed home and chilled.


When the rest of the family got back, we cooked dinner and went to bed pretty early.


July 17 (Sunday)

Today was the only day in Sorrento we didn’t have anything planned.  All of us slept in pretty late.  We made a big lunch and ate it outside in the garden.


A little while after we finished lunch, we walked about 10 minutes from our apartment to a trail that lead down the outskirts of Sorrento.


Once we got to the center of town, we walked around and shopped for a couple of hours.  The Amalfi Coast, specifically Sorrento, is known for their citrus products.  We got some amazing lemon candies and some beautiful lemon print textiles.

On our way to dinner, we walked along a lookout and saw an amazing view of the Bay of Naples.


We ate dinner at an English pub called The English Inn.  It had a really cool outdoor space with music, a dance floor and big tables.  We all ate fish and chips (obviously).  Dad, mom and I got Kilkenny beers to drink.  You can’t get Kilkenny beer in the U.S. except for the shops at Disney World in Orlando, FL, so this was a big deal.


After dinner, we walked through downtown Sorrento.  Peter had a funny interaction with a street performer.


Then we walked back back to the trailhead and hiked back up to our apartment.

July 18 (Monday)

Today was our Amalfi Coast drive and explore day.  We hired a driver to take us along the coast because the roads are so narrow and hard to navigate – we wanted to be able to fully enjoy the trip without the worry of driving.  Our driver, Catello, picked us up around 8:30AM.  The first town we stopped in was Positano.  It was about 45 minutes away from Sorrento.  We also stopped at a couple of overlooks along the way.


We had an hour to walk around and explore Positano.  The coastal town of Positano is most recognized for its colorful houses built into the mountainside.


For lunch, we drove to the small town of Scala.  We ate at a scenic family owned restaurant called Ristorante Pizzeria San Giovanni.  I got a seafood pizza; other people got different types of pizza and pastas.  We were then given limoncello for dessert.


After a nice lunch, we headed to the town of Ravello.  We spent about an hour walking around there.


Next, we drove to the town of Amalfi.  We spent about an hour walking around there.


Once we had finished in Amalfi, we headed back to Sorrento.  It was about an hour and a half drive back.  The views of the Amalfi Coast along the way were amazing.

Around 17:3o, we got back to our apartment.  We all napped then made dinner.


[click here for part two of the Amalfi Coast blog]






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