Milan with the DHAM CLAN

Wednesday (June 29th) the rest of my family arrived in Milan.  I met them at Milano Centrale train station and took them back to the apartment. IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE THEM ALL AGAIN!

After getting settled into the apartment, we left to go explore the city.

First, we got gelato…


Then we went to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie to see The Last Supper (which I talked a lot about in my last blog).  Before going in to see the fresco, we looked around the church.


We had a little time to kill before our Last Supper reservation so we wandered around the area near the church of Santa Maria della Grazie while Peter experienced his first jet lag.  The siblings enjoyed learning how to use Italian water fountains.


We finally got to see the fresco at 5 o’clock.  Although I had seen it a couple days before, it was equally impressive the second time.  This time I was prepared with my good camera.  It was also really cool to watch my family see it for the first time; to see their reactions and awe.


After our short 15 minutes with the fresco, we headed to downtown Milan to see the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  We arrived around 6 o’clock, just missing the chance to see the inside of the Duomo.  The outside was impressive enough.  I think every story in the Bible was depicted in some form on the outer walls and doors.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the world’s oldest shopping malls. Constructed in 1877, it was the first building in Milan to have electric lighting. The architectural structure and glass domes are so striking; they make you stop in your tracks.  A statue of Leonardo da Vinci was just outside the Galleria.


For dinner, we went to a Napolese style pizzeria called Da Biaggio.  We honestly had no idea what we ordered, but it was all delicious.


Thursday (June 30), we will take a bullet train from Milan to Venice, where we’ll be for four full days.


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