Under the Tuscan Sun…And Rain… (week in Cortona)

Ciao da Italia!

I arrived safely in Italy on Tuesday May 17th.  My internet has been reaaaally fickle, so this is the first chance I’ve had to post a blog. Also, it’s been really hard for me to want to sit down at a computer inside my room and blog while ITALY is right outside my window…

We arrived in Rome and then drove straight to the Tuscan hill town of Cortona-where we were based for a week.

May 17 (Tuesday) 

We had a free day all day. We explored around Cortona and did a lot of shooting. For most of the whole first day in Cortona, it rained.


May 18 (Wednesday) 

We took a cooking class at Locanda al Pozzi Antico in Cortona. We made spinach and ricotta ravioli, tagliatelle pasta with meat sauce and multiple types of bread.


May 19 (Thursday) 

We toured the world famous Castello Banfi Winery and Vineyard in Montechino.  The CEO of the company, John Mariani, gave us a personal tour around the grounds. We got to go through the production rooms as well as the vineyards and restaurant.  We ate at the restaurant for lunch-where we had a five course meal with a wine pairing with each course.  Later in the day, we stumbled upon a poppy field- so we frolicked and photographed there.

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May 20 (Friday)

We explored the Tuscan hill towns of Montepulciano and Pienza.  We ate lunch in Montepulciano there, then went into a couple of churches and shops. Later in the day, we watched the sunset over the rolling Tuscan hills at one of the most photographed parts of Tuscany.


May 21 (Saturday) 

We explored some of the sites around the outskirts of Cortona.  We visited the church that houses the mummified body of Saint Margaret, the patron of Cortona.  We also visited the old fortification wall and fort of the old city.  Later that day, we visited the monastery that Saint Francis of Assisi, also known as Saint Francesco started his mission.


Yesterday, we took an hour and a half train to Florence, where we will be based for the next four days…



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